We have a simple fee structure with no hidden costs, and there is no difference in price for different age groups or any specific hours during the day.

Hourly rate






  • A minimum of 3hrs is required per session (beyond that, time can be added in 30min segments), & a minimum of 1 x 6hr session or 2 x 3hr sessions per week is required.
  • All baby consumables (i.e. nappies, wipes & creams) will be provided by the setting for children in the Baby Room. If nappies are still required once the child is in Toddler or Pre-School Rooms they must be provided from home.
  • Fees are charged monthly, in advance, & payment is required at the beginning of the month, as per the terms of the Childcare Agreement (p.13.). You can choose to pay by BACS (no charge), debit card (£2 charge), childcare vouchers (£1 charge), tax free childcare (£1 charge). No cash or cheque payments will be accepted.
  • Full payment will be required for all Bank Holidays & any periods of sickness.
  • A premium rate will be charged for any hours &/or sessions required in addition to regular contracted pattern of attendance.


We offer all year round contracts (52 weeks), term-time contracts (39 weeks full price/full attendance, 13 weeks half price/half attendance – in line with school terms) & free early learning (FEL) funded term-time only (38 weeks).


  • A 5% discount is available for the oldest child when younger siblings are attending the setting also
  • A 5% discount available for full-time places (50hrs or more per week)

One week holiday pro rata may be taken free of charge in any one holiday year (a holiday year is the 12 months following your child’s start date) i.e. if your child attends 2 sessions each week they will be entitled to 2 free sessions in any one year. A minimum of four weeks written notice is required to have this deduction made.

Invoicing & accounts:

Our invoices are sent electronically & will automatically be sent to the email address provided as your child’s ‘1st contact’. All account queries should be directed to [email protected] rather than the setting’s usual email address.

‘Free Early Learning’ Entitlement

Free Early Learning (FEL) is a Government funded scheme that offers 570hrs per year of early education to all 3 & 4 year olds & eligible 2 year olds. Eligible 3 & 4 year olds are able to double their entitlement to 1,140hrs per year under the Extended Free Entitlement (EFE).

Both the FEL for 2 year olds & the EFE are based on definite eligibility criteria. Parents need to confirm their eligibility & we can only provide a place once that eligibility has been confirmed.

FEL for 3 & 4 year olds is a universal entitlement & children qualify to receive FEL the April, September or January following their third birthday. The free entitlement equates to 15hrs per week for 38 weeks of the year.

Parents may choose for their child to take up fewer hours than they’re entitled to if they wish. A maximum of 10hrs can be claimed in a day. Funding is not available before 6am or after 8pm. A child can claim FEL &/or EFE at no more than 2 providers in any one day & can only claim up to a total of 15 or 30hrs depending on eligibility.

Your child can access the FEL/EFE hours only, attending 38wks per year only, or your child can continue to come all year round. If your child accesses the FEL/EFE hours only you will not be charged unless the sessions you choose for your child to attend includes lunch &/or tea, in these cases they will be charged at £3.00 & £1.50 respectively. If your child accesses the FEL/EFE hours only & you wish your child to attend further sessions in between the terms, these can be requested & will be charged at full price. If your child attends all year round, we will calculate your yearly figure based on 38wks funded & 14wks non-funded & average it to find your monthly total.

You will be required to complete an Early Years Care & Education Ltd. ‘Parent/Carer Agreement to Access Free Early Learning (FEL) Entitlement & Extended Free Entitlement (EFE)’ pack.

Please be aware that the Local Authority strongly advise that holidays are taken outside of funded time & that, if a child exceeds the limit they set, funding will be retracted & parents will be legally required to refund the setting.

In line with submitting funding claims to the Local Authority, you commit to the number of hours we claim on your behalf for a minimum of a term at a time. This does not affect your right to request alterations to your hours of attendance.

‘eyLog’ – Your Child’s Online Learning Journey

As a Company, we use eyLog to record development observations on the children in our care & this is why you will see the staff using tablets. Although it may not always look that way, the nursery day is carefully planned to give a balance of adult-led & child-led activities. We try to adapt the planned activities to individual children in order to reflect their particular skills, interests & development needs. This means that the staff constantly need to notice what each child is doing, to record this & to think about what it means & what the next steps in their learning & development should/could be. The staff record their observations in what is known as a ‘Learning Journey’ which is a collection of different documents prepared by the staff to provide a picture of a child’s development under the various areas of learning.

While there is a statutory need to record & monitor progress, we also need to ensure that this process doesn’t get in the way of interacting & playing with the children. The eyLog system allows staff to capture a photo, video clip or voice recording, as well as written notes, using a tablet & assign this to one or more children. These observations from staff members are then uploaded to a secure web-based learning journey to which you as a parent also may have access to. This allows both a rich body of evidence to support our partnership with parents, to help us plan for individual children’s development & of course a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child.

No data is stored permanently either on the tablets or on the nursery computer. As soon as an observation has been recorded & uploaded to the eyLog server, it is automatically deleted from the tablet. All data is held in encrypted form & is accessed subject to a secure login & password. The only people who can access a child’s learning journey are the relevant nursery staff (manager, room leaders, key persons) & you, the child’s parents.

The application not only permits a richer learning journey than its paper equivalent, but also offers a more secure way to record & share these learning journeys, & comes at a minimal cost of only 50p per month which will automatically be added to your invoice. It also means that you have the option of using/printing any of the photos we share with you.

Once your child commences their attendance with us, you’ll receive an email to the address you’ve provided on the ‘Child Information’ form (p.10-14) for your child’s ‘1st contact’ (you can request to add a 2nd, to also receive notifications, please speak the Nursery Manager). You will then be able to log in & access observations as & when they’re captured (please refer to the ‘permissions’ box on P.12.).