April ’24 @ Kingswood

Easter 2024


April started off with Easter Monday; the children had so much fun celebrating Easter and talking all about their weekend with us. Some of the activities we did at Kingswood to mark the occasion were Easter egg hunts in the garden, making their own chicks and baking their own Easter buns.


Eid Celebrations 

Here at Kingswood, we have some children and staff that celebrate Eid. We discussed, during Ramadan, why people fast and how people celebrate.


Fun in the park! 

The Baby Room enjoyed a fun walk to the local park where they played on the swings, climbing frame and roundabout. They took the opportunity to focus on their social and physical development, alongside learning about what there is in our community.

Life cycles

Throughout the month, we have been looking after some lovely creepy crawlies. The Toddler Room and Pre-School have both had a set of caterpillars that they been taking care of and waiting for them to transition into chrysalises before evolving into beautiful butterflies.


St George’s Day 

Here the children are making their own flags for St George’s Day. We discussed with the older children some fun facts around the origins of the occasion too.