Amazing New Garden Area

Recently we had the soft flooring re laid on our outdoor area. It went from a tired old dark blue to a now vibrant, bright blue that catches the eye and sparks the imagination.

This week the grass area has been replaced. As you can see from the photographs it looks amazing. We have a brilliant, new, messy play area where the children can be creative and inventive.

The children are very eager to go out and see their new and improved play space.

Halloween at Kingswood Day Nursery


We had such a fun day at nursery yesterday exploring all things Halloween!

We had a great time, dancing and playing musical games. The children took part in some amazing pumpkin carving, the babies also enjoyed the sensory experience of scooping out the insides.

All the children feasted on a picnic style party lunch, where we ate the biscuits that the children had baked earlier in the day.

What a wonderful day of fun and leaning!

Happy Halloween from all the staff at Highgate!

The children have enjoyed baking & decorating some spooky Halloween buns, designing & creating their own masks and playing a special game of Halloween pass the parcel! Lots of fun was had by all!